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Slab concrete repair is an essential feature in commercial and residential building construction. When a foundation has been installed for any building, installing a concrete deck or slab is the next step. Once the slab is installed, it must be sealed with an appropriate coating to protect it from weathering and degradation. This will ensure that your foundation remains strong, functional, and sturdy for many years.


If you notice any cracks or fractures in your concrete slab at any time, contact a professional contractor to inspect them immediately. If the damage has occurred due to under-sealing of the concrete deck or failure to apply protective sealer at all, the contractor will have the necessary equipment, materials, and expertise to correct this problem.

You mustn’t attempt to seal or repair your concrete slab yourself. It could result in serious injury or more damage to your foundation if you do. Your best bet is to hire experts who specialize in sealing concrete slabs for commercial buildings.


Most Common Concrete Slab Issues

The most common type of concrete slab damage is general wear and tear, often resulting from weathering. It’s not uncommon to have concrete damage due to severe weather. If there is seepage or flooding in the area, your foundation will suffer as a result. 

Concrete aging and erosion, and tree root growth can also affect the structural integrity of your concrete slab foundation. Cracks in the concrete can form due to settling or movement in your foundation. It’s also common for older buildings—with an already compromised foundation—to develop further cracks that may become visible over time.


Slab settlement can be due to several factors, including soil erosion, vegetation removal around the slab perimeter, poor drainage, water accumulation under the slab, and more. These factors contribute to the shrinkage or expansion of the subgrade soils beneath it. This is why you need to make sure your contractor inspects any damage carefully before recommending repairs or replacement.

Concrete Slab Sealing

There are various forms of sealing for concrete slabs. Water-based sealers are recommended because they’re easy to apply and offer less toxicity than solvent-based formulations do. Brush, spray, and roll-on methods are some ways you can use your commercial building’s sealant depending on the size of slab you need to treat.


You may also need to clean the surface beforehand with a pressure washer before applying the coating. Other coatings include waterproofing for garages, anti-carbonation treatments, paint, and more.


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