Need A Concrete Foundation Replacement

Concrete foundation replacement is something that, in the Augusta Concrete Solutions office, we see all too often. Concrete foundations can be damaged by a variety of things: tree roots, water damage, and other environmental factors to name a few. But don’t worry! We have seen many different replacements for concrete foundations over the years and know ways to help you get your business back on track with minimal downtime or disruption to your day-to-day operations. In this blog post, we will discuss three options for replacing your foundation:

Concrete Foundation Replacements:

Slab Replacements: A slab replacement is the most common type of the concrete foundation replacements. In this option, a new slab is poured on top of the old one. This type of replacement is best for businesses that have minimal equipment and furniture that need to be moved.


Pier and Beam Replacements: A pier and beam replacement is often used as a solution to concrete foundation problems that are caused by tree roots infiltrating and damaging the slab. In this replacement, piers are installed into the ground (or through it) and beams are placed on top of them. Concrete is poured over these pieces in order to create an entirely new level for your business.


Block Foundation Replacements: A block foundation replacement is a solution that we have used at Augusta Concrete Solutions in order to replace damaged footings without having to remove the entire concrete slab. In this type of repair, concrete blocks are installed on top of your business’s existing footing and poured into place over them. Concrete blocks give you more flexibility than traditional foundations, so if you have a unique business design, this might be the option for you!


Concrete Foundation Replacement Benefits:

– Convenient service. One of the biggest pros to concrete foundation replacement is that it’s done right on-site and doesn’t require your business to close or relocate while we work and finish up our installation. Concrete replacements can be finished in a day or two, depending on the size of your business.


– Concrete foundations. Are more stable and durable than other options when it comes to replacing damaged concrete footings. Concrete is one of the strongest materials that you can use for replacement work because it will not warp or crack over time as wood or metal might.


If you are in need of a concrete foundation replacement, Augusta Concrete Solutions is the company to call. We offer a variety of services for Augusta businesses and homeowners, including concrete foundation repairs, replacements, and general maintenance.

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