Concrete Slab Foundation Repair Costs In Augusta

Foundation repair can be an expensive project, but by having a contractor evaluate your property you will know what the problem is and if it needs to be repaired. Concrete slab foundations are considerably smaller than commercial structures, which means they cost less to fix. Augusta Concrete Solutions has been providing concrete slab foundation repair for over 25 years in Augusta GA. We offer competitive prices on all of our services and we provide free estimates with no obligations.


What is the average costs of a foundation repair?

The average costs of a foundation repair will vary based on your location, the extent of damage and what repairs are required for your home. Augusta Concrete Solutions offers an online calculator tool to help customers estimate their project cost before contacting us. Using this free service can save you time from having to contact several contractors in order to get estimates (ex: how much does it cost to fix my foundation in Augusta, GA?)


Foundation repairs for cracked slabs can be performed by filling the fractures with a cement-based filler or epoxy grout. Improperly repaired foundations will continue to crack and require additional repair work if they are not properly stabilized. Our specialists at Augusta Concrete Solutions will determine the exact cause of your foundation damage and recommend a solution that effectively repairs as well as prevents future damages.


Our professionals can fix cracked foundations by first removing any loose or broken concrete, dirt, and debris from underneath the slab. The repair is performed by filling cracks with cement grout to reinforce weakened areas in order to prevent further deterioration. Augusta Concrete Solutions is licensed and insured to offer quality services for your home. For severe cases, a jackhammer may be necessary to remove the slab in order to make the necessary repairs. Replacing a concrete slab foundation can cost from $3000-$5000 on average.

Why Should I Repair My Concrete Foundation?

Foundation repair is important to both the stability of your home and its value. As concrete ages, it can crack or start to sag because of ground settling underneath it. These cracks often extend into the interior walls, creating a potential entry point for water damage and mold growth within those living spaces. If you have a concrete foundation, it’s important to monitor its condition and address any issues as soon as they appear.

What Does a Foundation Repair Contractor Offer?

Most foundation repair contractors offer a free inspection of your home’s concrete slab foundation. During this inspection, they will look for any signs of damage or distress and provide an estimate for the necessary repairs. While some minor cracking can be fixed with epoxy injections, more severe damage may require the installation of new piers, beams, or a concrete jack.

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